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The Morne Trulah Estate, Saint Lucia, West Indies
The Morne Trulah Estate --  Kitchen
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Whether by the housekeepers, personal chef or yourself, Morne Trulah's professionally equipped kitchen is likely to have everything you could possibly need or want for preparing meals.  There is ample counterspace, a Weber gas grill, gas and induction hobs, a gigantic refridgerator and freezer, mixers, and a commercial microwave to make meal preparation simple and enjoyable.


It is truly an outdoor kitchen with epic views of the ocean from three sides.  From the round kitchen table one can catch sight of bright double and triple rainbows, watch hummingbirds sip nectar from hybiscus, hear waves crash against the distant rocks, wonder at the sail boats navigating the pointe, enjoy the chirp of birds by day and song of frogs by night, and savour the sweet smell of tropical flowers wafting through the air.  There is also a shady length of deep white sand in which the children build sandcastles while you relax and drink your coffee.  High ceilings and a cross-breeze keep the kitchen a cool, comfortable and pleasurable place to work and relax.

The Morne Trulah Estate --  Double and Triple Rainbows