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The Morne Trulah Estate, Saint Lucia, West Indies
The Morne Trulah Estate --  Living Area
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Open at all cardinal directions, the breeze gently cools the interior of the house through sliding glass doors. The cupola above draws the cool air in as the hot air rises, creating a sublime natural air conditioning effect. Screens slide across to finely control the amount of breeze.  The furniture in the living room sits atop 500-year-old Tudor bricks and Welsh slate-- salvaged from the ancient sailing ships that long ago travelled between London and the West Indies on the trade winds. The ceiling is made from vintage, oil-rubbed greenheart timbers also salvaged from the property, creating a beautiful and meticulous work of art.  The furnishings are super-comfy and plentiful-- strategically placed to enjoy the dozens of outstanding views into the garden and outwards to the sea.  Best-in-class electronic entertainment appliances have been installed and connected to a 60" LCD television, including Highspeed broadband Wifi, AppleTV, Netflix, surround sound speakers and an XboxOne gaming console.  There is also a generously long desk upon which several people can work on their tablet or laptop computer. A well-tuned and maintained piano is also here for your enjoyment.