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The Morne Trulah Estate is the finest and best-located residence on the island and, arguably, the very best in the entire Caribbean.  There is nothing remotely comparable to Morne Trulah in terms of quality or quantity. The house has been fitted out with the finest of everything and is maintained to the highest possible standard, ensuring the superior comfort and enjoyment of adults and children alike.


Our faithful housekeepers, groundskeepers and gardeners are genteel, thoughful and very kind to us and our guests;  we are most fortunate that they chose to work with us at Morne Trulah, for their outstanding qualities and work ethic render any opportunity to work on-island theirs for the chosing.  In particular our concierge, Marguerite, is indispensible in making transfer, provisioning, transportation, event planning, excursions, personal chef, shopping, water sport activities, and personal spa arrangements.  The sky is the limit!  We proceed with great confidence when letting Morne Trulah, well knowing that our staff will demonstrate the same generous measure of respect to our guests as that with which they show us.    


We have only the one property available on Saint Lucia, and there are many dozens of requests to let from potential tenants that, as a condquence, must necessarily remain unfullfilled.  To avoid any disappointment reservations 12-18 months in advance are recommended in order to avoid any disappointment.


Our children, aged 5 and 8 years respectively, absolutely adore Morne Trulah and everything Saint Lucia has to offer.  Our parents and grandparents are likewise entralled, for Morne Trulah is accessible for everyone.  We have no doubt that our guests will fall in love with Morne Trulah as we and our previous guests have.  It is an exceptionally unique and special place, the joys of which will not easily be effaced from your memory.


Our family wishes you a most pleasant holiday in our beloved home.


Should you wish to discuss any aspect of Saint Lucia in general or Morne Trulah in particular, please do not hesitate to telephone me, Michael Mills, who would be delighted to speak with you about your requirements.


Michael can be reached by email at reservations@mgmills.com

or by phone: 011 44 7775 730 402

or by fax: 011 44 845 280 2917

London, England is 5 hours ahead of the US East Coast.